appellate practice

Ms. Hendley has experience as lead counsel in over 120 civil and criminal appellate cases, including briefing and, in many cases, oral argument before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Minnesota Supreme Court, and Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Ms. Hendley is available to assist you with your appellate matter directly, on a consulting basis to review feasibility of appeal, or on referral.

Appellate practice expertise includes more than handling appeals after trial; it can also be a valuable resource for assuring that the right notes are hit in the trial court to maximize your chances of success on appeal. Ms. Hendley has consulted with trial attorneys on complex procedural and substantive issues in trial courts to assure that the trial court record is properly developed for any potential appeal. She has also assisted attorneys to prepare for oral argument.

Practice before the appellate courts follows its own rules and its own strategy, distinct from those that apply at the trial court level. As a seasoned appellate professional, Ms. Hendley is happy to assist you in preparing your record for appeal, assisting you with prosecuting the appeal, or handling the appeal for you.