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What Personal Information Does Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC Collect?  
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The non-personally identifiable data that Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may collect in these ways is accessible by certain Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC personnel as well as certain third-party website designers and personnel involved with the third-party service that hosts the website. Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may use non-personally identifiable data that it collects internally and together with its website designer and host in order to improve the website. The information may be used, for example, to evaluate what portions of the website are more popular than others, to determine from where visitors came to the site, and to determine how many times particular pages of the site were accessed in aggregate. Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC personnel may use the data to prepare reports regarding website activity as part of the process of maintaining and improving the site. Cookies also may be used to identify prior users to the website in order to provide certain homepage customization preferences and create a more personal viewing experience for the user.

What Steps Does Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC Take To Protect Your Privacy?  To the extent permitted by law, Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any of the information it collects online without your permission. Exceptions are disclosures to third parties who monitor the website, to parties who assist or cooperate in preparing firm mailings and to third parties with whom Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may co-sponsor an event (in which case Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may share attendee lists for purposes of the event). In addition, Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC does not presently collect personally identifiable information via the public area of its website except to the extent that such information is provided from visitors who voluntarily submit a feedback/inquiry form, register for homepage customization features, send electronic mail to Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC or any of its lawyers, register for events, subscribe to newsletters or submit resumes through the site. Personal information collected through this website may be saved in Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC’s contact database where it may be combined with pre-existing contact information in the database. Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC and the host of its website take reasonable security precautions to maintain the privacy of the data that is collected, such as ensuring that it is accessible only to appropriate personnel and that the information is user ID- and password-protected.

What Are the Privacy Policies Of Third-Party Sites To Which This Website Links?  Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may provide links to third party websites that it does not control. Therefore, Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC urges you to review the privacy policies posted on these third party websites at the time you first visit such sites. Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC undertakes no obligation to review or ensure enforcement or compliance with the privacy policy of any website to which it links.

What About Children's Privacy.  Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from or about any children.

Can This Privacy Policy Be Revised?  Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC may update this privacy policy. All revisions will be posted to Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC’S website. J Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC urges you to review its Privacy Policy frequently.

What If I Have Questions Or Comments About This Privacy Policy?  Gayle C. Hendley, PLLC welcomes questions and comments about this policy. Questions or comments about this Privacy Policy should be directed to info@hendleylaw.com.