eminent domain

In certain circumstances, governmental authorities are permitted to acquire your real property, or certain rights in your real property (most often, easements). Under the Minnesota Constitution, the United States Constitution, and applicable Minnesota statutes, the acquisition must have a public purpose and you are entitled to just compensation for the property or property rights the government acquires. Minnesota Statutes provide the procedure that must be followed to acquire rights in your property.

Ms. Hendley was lead counsel representing Hennepin County Public Works in the acquisition of property and property rights for highway improvement projects for several years. Her experience includes familiarity with the specialized processes applicable to eminent domain proceedings, review of appraisers' valuation of properties to be acquired, and representation at condemnation commission proceedings and in Hennepin County District Court hearings

Ms. Hendley is available to assist individuals or counsel navigating the eminent domain process from notification through the petition hearing and commission process setting valuation, appeals from awards, and as a mediator or condemnation commissioner.