Mediation is a process through which the parties can decide the outcome of their own dispute. It is the mediator's job to help parties identify resolutions that work for them, rather than finding facts or deciding legal issues as a court and jury would do. Because the mediator does not have authority to order or design a settlement, the parties are empowered to design their own resolution. The beauty of the process is that it is completely within the control of the individuals or entities involved in the dispute.

As a mediator, Ms. Hendley calls upon her years of experience as a litigator, in-house counsel, and as a business owner, as well as her study of dispute resolution techniques to help parties identify, defuse, and resolve disputes. Even when a dispute cannot be completely resolved, mediation can help to narrow the issues and take some of the "hot" out of "hot button" issues between the parties. Mediation can be a valuable tool to defuse disputes in their early stages, for example in workplace settings or during the performance of a contract, as well as after the litigation stage has been reached.